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DP Cast Welcomes Industry Expert Doug Arstad as Plant Manager

DP Cast is pleased to announce that Doug Arstad has joined our team of specialists who offer aircraft-quality precision castings to customers in a broad range of industries.

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As Plant Manager, Doug will leverage his considerable skill sets to monitor processes, materials and quality control; problem solve through expert analysis; and oversee workflow to enhance the overall customer experience.

Doug’s vast experience includes seven years at DP Cast, as Foundry Methods Engineer and Quality Control Manager and eight years at Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) – a valued client of DP Cast – in progressive roles as Senior Buyer and Procurement Specialist, leading a team responsible for meeting PWC’s exacting standards for engine development.

Doug was also a Buyer of castings and forgings at Rolls Royce Canada; and since 1996 has owned a business manufacturing both fine art sculpture and reproduction components for antique aircraft, automobiles and marine craft, using the investment casting process.

Among Doug’s varied certifications are Level III examiner for RT, F.P.I. and M.P.I. nondestructive test methods and Level III Radiography, Fluorescent Penetrant and Magnetic Particle.

As investment casting experts, DP Cast creates precision AIRCRAFT-QUALITY parts for a diverse range of clients and industries. DP Cast works in a TIMELY, COST-EFFECTIVE manner, adding value – and expertise – through ENHANCED, IN-HOUSE SERVICES, including Mold-Making, Non-Destructive Testing, Material Control, and Design Assistance, to influence AND OPTIMIZE your part.

Visit DPCAST.COM for more on our capabilities, including:

•   In-House Mold-Making
•   Design Assistance
•   Parts Consolidation
•   Non-Destructive Testing

About Designed Precision Castings (“DP Cast”)

For over 50 years, DP Cast has been producing custom steel and aluminum investment castings for a North American aerospace, nuclear and industrial client base. We have a proven track record in “aircraft-quality,” precision parts. In fact, both facility – and our experts – are certified to serve the aerospace industry – where each part we make is precise and enduring. We apply that same quality and care into every part, for every industry, ensuring quality – and saving our clients time and money.

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